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Wacom Pro Pen Slim Release/Review

Posted by Stefan Petit on

Wacom's newest Pro Pen Slim has just dropped and it's something artists have been quietly wishing for the past year. Their previous "thin" pen, the Classic, was nice but with the newer Pro tablets/cintiqs we needed an updated pen.

The Slim offers 8192 levels of sensitivity just like the current Pro Pens, including tilt-response, two thumb buttons, and an eraser. And the vast difference in size is not depicted well in pictures. It really does feel closer to a pencil, giving it a more natural feeling when drawing. The other Pens are great, but they can be quite bulky, like drawing with a fat marker.

Because the Pen has a smaller diameter near the base, you can use the tilt features much more effectively. The fatter pens limit the degrees you can set the pen down to activate certain brushes in Photoshop.

The Slim Pen will set you back $80 and comes with 5 colored rings, 4 standard nibs and 2 felt nibs, and the "cigar" pen case. 

Your new Slim Pen will be compatible with all of the "Pro" tablets and Cintiqs, including the newer Cintiq 16(HD).


Purchase the Pro Pen Slim KP301E



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