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Cintiq Pro 32 Ergo Stand Arrival - Review

Posted by Stefan Petit on


Now that the Ergo Stand for the 32 is out, I’ve seen all Cintiq/Stand combinations. In short, the 32 Stand is high quality and works just as you’d imagine. Perfect.

However, after the Cintiq Pro 24 released, the Ergo Stand for it was delayed, and it upset a few consumers that couldn’t get them both at the same time. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the Stand for the 32 Pro, but this time the delay was a bit longer.

Personally Im not sure what the delay was for and why it took them so long. The Stands are almost identical, with the main difference being the length of the Arm's paddles on the sides. They need to be longer to extend past the width of the 32. My best guess is that the Stand base and arms needed to be altered to support the weight of the 32, and possibly it just wasn’t ready on time.

Aside from the delay, the new stands for the 32 Pros are quite impressive, just like those for the 24 Pros. They have the classic black and silver Wacom aesthetic. Quality materials and engineering definitely make it stable for the size and weight of the 32. Rotating the Cintiq is also easy to do without any excessive force required. 

I appreciate that the stand also comes with extension cables for the Cintiq and Engine power cables you can run through the stand into the Cintiq. This allows you to easily connect those power supplies into the back of the stand, instead of through the entire stand, incase you ever need to quickly disconnect.

The only 2 wishes I have. First, that the arms were a bit longer to lift it away from the base further. Second, that maybe if there was an in between locking position, other than being locked upright, and the “released” setting (resting on the table). I’ve heard that one request from many customers, but I understand that another locking position would change the practicality of the stand in much of a drastic way.

Purchase the Stand here. 

Cintiq Pro 32

Cintiq Pro 32 + Stand Bundle


And check out Wacom's video assembling the Ergo Stand.




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