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Wacom Pens.. What's the difference?

Posted by Patrick Lim on

  We always get asked the difference between the Wacom pens available for purchase. Here's a quick explanation...   Grip Pen  The standard pen included in the Intuos Pro tablet, 22HD, 24HD and 27QHD.  Comes with the stand and extra nibs nicely stashed in the stand.  The Wacom Grip Pen features a contoured grip pad that reduces gripping effort by up to 40%, to alleviate stress and wrist fatigue. Built for extensive use, its optimum weight, balance, and tilt sensitivity make it the most natural feeling freehand tool available. This cordless, battery-free grip pen comes equipped with two customizable side-switches,...

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Is Wacom's latest tablet a game-changer for digital artists?

Posted by Ryan Mac Hollywood on

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