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Having Trouble with the Wacom Driver and the Apple M1 Computer?

Posted by Phil Baker on

The M1 chip by Apple has been making outstanding pushes forward in the world of technology. And with this great new power and the Wacom Cintiq Pro, you can achieve more of what you do, faster. Setup is fairly easy, but if you happen to get to the point of allowing your new M1 system to speak to the Cintiq Pro and you feel you are missing some of the drivers in the your accessibility section of you Apple OS X, use this guide to assist you through enabling the driver and using your new display and pen tablet!



  1. First, disconnect the tablet from the computer.
  2.  Next, open Finder, click on Go (at the top of the screen near the Apple menu) and go to Applications. Locate any Wacom Tablet folder and open the Wacom Tablet Utility in it. Using this utility, please remove All User's preferences and uninstall the driver. (Click on the lock icon on the bottom of the window to enable this option. Make sure to create a backup of your preferences first if necessary.)
  3.   Once the software has been uninstalled, go back to Applications and delete the  Wacom Tablet (folder) if it’s still present.
  4.  Please open Finder, click on Go (up in the menu bar of your Mac), and then click on Computer. Once there, please access your main hard drive (by default should be named Macintosh HD) and check if anything is left behind in the following folders:


Go to Macintosh HD, then open the Library folder:


Library/Application Support/> delete theTablet (folder)

Library/Frameworks> delete the WacomMultiTouch.framework

Library/Internet Plugins> delete WacomTabletPlugin.plugin

Library/Launch Agents/> delete any “com.wacom…” items found here.

Library/LaunchDaemons> delete any “com.wacom…” items found here.

Library/PreferencePanes>delete any "WacomTablet.prefpane"

Library/Preferences/>delete the "Tablet (folder)0"

Library/PriveledgedHelperTools/ delete any “com.wacom…” items found here.


The same will have to be checked in any respective User’s folder on the system. To access it, you must select 'Go' from the top of Finder and select 'Go to folder...’. Here, enter~/Libraryto access the current user's Library folder. Please check for Wacom related files in the Preferences folder and remove them if present:


Users/<your user>/Library/Preferences/  delete any“com.wacom…”items found here.


Restart the computer.


  1. After restarting, download and install the latest driver: https://cdn.wacom.com/u/productsupport/drivers/mac/professional/WacomTablet_6.3.42-1.dmg

  2. Restart the computer.

  3. Once the installation is complete, and the system is stable, connect the tablet.As always, make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer. Avoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets, as they can cause inconsistent behavior. Allow any permissions, if requested.



Once you finish with this process, please follow this next steps:

First, I want to make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer. 


- Now, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy (be sure to have the privacy tab selected.)


- At this point, click on the lock icon at the bottom of the window and enter your computer password to enable changes and be able to continue with this process.


- Locate Accessibility on the left hand side column and uncheck any Wacom related item you see on the list to the right. Now, for each of the Wacom items in Accessibility, click on the minus button underneath to delete each of the items. (If any of the items cannot be unchecked, simply continue to the next item.)


- Next, locate Input Monitoring on the left column and repeat the previous steps to uncheck, highlight and delete all Wacom items listed in Input Monitoring. (Bear in mind that not all computers will need these particular permissions, so please skip ahead if nothing is listed here for Wacom.)


- Now disconnect your tablet from the computer and restart the computer.


- Once you log back in your computer, please connect the tabletand hover the pen over the tablet. It might not work at this time but it will help to trigger the needed permissions request.


- You will still get some warning messages, so go again to System Preferences > Security and Privacy. (Unlock to make changes)


- Locate Accessibility and place the required check marks on the rebuilt Wacom items.


- Locate Input Monitoring and place the required check marks on the rebuilt Wacom items. At this point, if you get a message asking you to Quit a process, please click Quit now. (Again, please skip ahead if nothing is listed here for Wacom.)


- Close the lock to save changes and try your tablet.


We know the struggle of wanting to get to work right out of the box and once again we hope that this aides in the transition of your Apple & Wacom oriented home studio! 




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