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LaCie DJI Copilot | A Closer Look Pt. 1 - Who It's For

Posted by Stefan Petit on

The DJI Copilot BOSS is specifically designed for creators on the go who might not have space for, or availability of, a computer. We’ve already made a few other reviews on our site, like our video here: But lets take a deeper look into the DJI and who can gain the most from its capabilities.

“BOSS” stands for Backup On Set Solution. So without your Mac you can copy files directly from camera, DJI drones, and usb devices via its SD card slot and USB port. Connect to the drive through USBC or Lightning and with the Copilot BOSS app you can playback, delete, and rename 2TB worth of files. This lets photographers, videographers, and drone pilots focus more on their craft instead of wasting time on organizational and post-production tasks. 

Even when you’re out in the rough terrain, LaCie has made sure to ‘rugged’-ize the DJI to travel to any hazardous location.
You have enough equipment to lug around, so why carry an expensive laptop and huge RAID set up, when you could just use the compact and convenient DJI Copilot?

Purchase DJI Copilot BOSS STGU2000400

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