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Wacom Flex Arm Review (ACK62803K)

Posted by Stefan Petit on

The Wacom Flex Arm just came out last week, and we've been able to personally test it out on our own 24 and 32" Cintiq Pros.

I have to say I'm impressed, it holds up much better than I thought it would. The clamp to screw onto the back of a desk is much larger than the usual Ergotron arms, with 2 screw fasteners instead of one.

It also has a much more ridged design to be able to hold up the 32" securely. You might have to tighten the Lift Strength, but you can rest assured, your Cintiq will float wherever you put it. Although I have to say, even though they can float in one spot, I wouldn't lean into it. The arm still has some sway to it, kind of like a tree branch.

The flat black color adds to the over all aesthetics that the Cintiqs are going for, and each section of the arms have 2 velcro ties to keep your cables organized and tucked away (ignore my poor cable management pictured above!)

The only thing I find to be a hassle is threading the cables through the mount and right under the Engine. But if you have your perfect set up done correctly the first time, then I doubt you'll be bothered by it much.

Compared to the Ergo Stand the Flex Arm is a great choice if you like your workspace to be more modular and spacious, than to have a large, almost immovable, heavy stand in the way. At $380, its a fair price for a Wacom branded Ergotron Arm which includes the necessary VESA Mount.


Purchase Flex Arm - ACK62803K


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