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Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Overview

Posted by Stefan Petit on

        The Cintiq Pro 32 will be the latest Cintiq to be released in Wacom's Pro line. "Big brother to the 24", the 32 carries many of the same features and advancements in tech, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the $3300 price tag.

If you haven't seen our Unboxing video of the Cintiq Pro 24 check it out here, or our blog review here.



         The biggest difference is most notably the size. Seen above, The 24 on the left and the 32 on the right. Compared to the 24, the 32 obviously has quite a large drawing area. Its practically like laying another desk on top of your original desk. If you can afford to lose some precious desk space, then the 32 will make up for lost room by giving you the most freeing drawing experience ever. In art school we are taught to draw using your elbow as a pivot instead of your wrist, giving large, smooth, sweeping lines. Smaller Cintiqs usually restrict us to using our wrist again, but the 32 is so large you might need a running start from one end to get to the other!

        Similar to the 24, the 32 has an impressive screen with huge improvements compared to older Cintiqs. The 32 has a 4K UHD display and a very impressive 99% RGB color accuracy. Unlike previous models, the new 24 and 32 have etched glass screens, which significantly reduce glare and give your drawing experience a more natural feel. The parallax between cursor and pen is also improved on, just like the 24's.

While the 24 comes in both a Touch or NonTouch option, the 32 will only be released with Touch capability. This might come as a pro or con to some people. 



        It goes without saying that the 32 will have all the same connections as the 24, including USBC, MiniDisplay, DisplayPort, and HDMI. As well as the Pro Pen 2 and Express Key Remote accessories. 

The Wacom Engine is also an optional modification. The cartridge-like installation adds professional computing power to your Cintiq. Both versions, an Intel i5 and Intel Xeon will only run on Windows. But don’t be afraid if you are more familiar with Mac OS, these options are easy to learn and will be powerful enough to run any rendering software, including VR.
The Engine requires its own power source, so expect to have a few outlets ready to handle the power that this beast requires. One drawback to the Engine is that for some reason, when installed, the USB 3.0 ports on the side of the Cintiq downgrade to USB 2.0. Not a deal breaker, but certainly something to keep in mind if using them.



            The Ergo Stand for the 32 is the same design as the new stand for the 24, but you cannot use one for both. The stand for the 32 has wider handles to reach the edge of the Cintiq. The ErgoStand's robust design can hold your Cintiq securely as you work in any comfortable position. The original 27" stand was quite sturdy, plus had raise and tilt features, but this new design allows rotation, a much needed feature for any versatile artist.

Soon Wacom will release the Flex Arm ($380) which will be compatible with the 24 and 32. A sleek and sturdy design that might be a better and cheaper choice for some artists who want a more versatile workspace.


        The Improvements in the 24 and 32 are very exciting and really gives Wacom an edge during a time where they have some real competition out there in the market today. As an art student, the Cintiq Pro 32 might not be an essential part of my toolset right now, but is something I really aspire to own one day. The huge size might be silly to some, but considering the applications in a larger studio that has many Art Directors, this Cintiq wouldn't just be for making art but also showing art. Imagine having this in your studio and you need to show off a design to J.J. Abrams and a room of Directors, they're not going to want to look at your small Cintiq or screen. Being able to show off your work, while you work on it, would be a game changer to the industry's pipeline!



Cintiq Pro 32 - DTH3220K0
CP32 Ergo Stand - ACK62802K
Cintiq Pro 24 Touch / Non Touch - DTH2420K0 / DTK2420K0 
CP24 Ergo Stand - ACK62801K
Flex Arm - ACK62803K



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