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New Cintiq 22 Review [vs 22HD]

Posted by Stefan Petit on

Wacom recently released the Cintiq 22 (DTK2260K0A), which is successor to the older 22HD (DTK2200), and also a big brother to the new Cintiq 16. In the same style as the 16 and older 13HD, this 22 model is fitted to be an entry level (and "Cost-friendly") Cintiq. You'll still get the increased Pen Pressures and build quality as all Wacom products provide, but there are some differences to take note of.



Compared to the Cintiq Pro line, you are limited to 1920x1080 resolution. But parallax is improved with better screen technology, which is also more scratch resistant. Although, parallax on the Pros is better, due to the welded glass/screen. Thankfully it does come with an adjustable stand, and the configuration on the back allows for standard VESA mounting. The 22 does not have touch, nor the Express Key Remote that comes with the larger Pros. 



Compared to the old 22HD, it's already at a much better price point, $1200 vs $1700. But that is a trade up for less features unfortunately. The new 22 stand does not allow for rotation and there are no side Express keys. However, as useful as those are, they aren't essential. To save $500 on a unit, whose target demographic is probably schools and lower end studios, that $500 ads up to huge savings. That doesn't mean it's not worth it to the common consumer. Aside from the rotating stand, the Express Key remote is compatible and will set you back $100; but minus the $500 difference between the two Cintiqs, thats still $400 saved on a newer model.

But Wacom hasn't just stripped features, they have made some essential upgrades as well. The video connection has gone from DVI to HDMI. The glass may not be as good as the Pro line, but semi-textured glass on the 22 is much better than the slippery, ice-like, surface on the 22HD. And for the first time in a long time, Wacom has included two extra Plug types for our friends out of the States. A Type C/E/F Power cable, and a Type G (Shown below).



The new Cintiq 22 maybe not be the perfect 22HD Version 2.0 that everyone wanted, but it's a great alternative to those who want something that is exactly what they need without all the bells and whistles. The price point fits the Entertainment and Educational markets, but at the same time offering something for hobbyists and students who might not have the money for a Cintiq Pro. I look forward to seeing how Wacom will continue to grow their product line with Cintiqs and Tablets that can attract larger demographics.


Purchase the Cintiq 22 DTK2260K0A


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