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How to Remove/Backup/Restore Wacom Preferences

Posted by Stefan Petit on

Anytime a setting is changed to the Wacom Tablet Properties, the setting is auto saved as a user preference. Sometimes it may be needed to delete user preferences when troubleshooting an issue. To remove all user preferences, follow the instructions below for your operating system.



  1. Go to All Applications> Wacom Tablet > and open the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility.
  2. Under “My Preferences” a user can click the button to Remove, Backup or Restore preferences. Click Remove to remove only your user’s preferences.
  3. To remove preferences for all users on the computer, click Remove under “All User Preferences.”


Mac OS:

  1. Open the applications folder on the computer and go to the Wacom Tablet Folder. Open the Wacom Tablet Utility.
  2. A user can Remove, Backup or Restore preferences along with removing the tablet software in this utility.
  3. To Remove preferences, select “Current User” under the preference section and click Remove to remove only your user’s preferences.
  4. To remove preferences for all users on the computer select “all users” under preferences and then click Remove.



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  • These steps (same as documented at Wacom) don’t seem to work. My Wacom preferences do not change back to defaults when following this procedure, on Mac OS 10.14. I also tried resetting the preferences in Wacom Desktop Center to no avail; tablet settings just do not get reset.

    Matt on
  • I bought a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 band new a couple years ago it had windows 8 installed on it when I got I started it up and download the latest windows 10 software when it was free when it was finished it worked fine for a few days then suddenly my computer stopped working the windows 10 software wiped out everything on it, I went through the process you’ve instructed but it doesn’t work I’ve tried so many times but the only thing that it does is blink the Wacom logo I could send it back to Wacom but they are charging me $200 can you fix the problem for less I look forward to your reply thanks Bryant.

    Bryant Rogers on

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