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Remove Windows' Circle "Pen & Touch" Feature

Posted by Stefan Petit on

When using a graphics tablet on a Windows PC you might be irritated by some of the intrusive features that are enabled by default. Follow along and we'll show you how to disable them!

When pressing the pen to screen, a white circle will begin to form around the cursor, activating the 'Press and Hold' feature to bring up the right-click menu. This is a 'Pen and Touch' feature that may work better with Touch screens but not so much with Pen Tablets/Displays.

  1. Go to the Windows menu and search "Pen and Touch". Or open up your Control Panel and search for it there.

  2. Select the "Press and Hold" option and click Settings.

  3. Disable the "press and hold for right-clicking" box at the top. Click OK.


The other annoying feature is the cursor animation every time you click with the pen. This radar or splash looking animation around the pointer is not too disruptive, but very pointless for most.

  1. Go to Windows Settings, then Devices, then Pen and Windows Ink.
  2. Uncheck the Show Visual Effects box.



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