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Wacom Pen Nib Wear and Replacements

Posted by Stefan Petit on

Some of the newer tablets and Cintiqs have rougher surfaces to give a more natural feel when you draw. On the Intuos Pro (2017) you can interchange the default matte/rough surface with different smoother surfaces. The new Cintiqs have 'etched glass', to reduce glare and improve drawing experience. Unfortunately this has the side effect of wearing your nibs out just a bit faster.

Personally I think the trade off is worth it. Older Cintiqs felt like you were drawing on wet glass. Ice skating my hand across the monitor was not comfortable, but I do understand the concern with grinding expensive nibs down.

One solution, I've noticed, is drawing with a lighter touch helps a lot. It’s a bad habit to put too much pressure on your pen/hand when you draw anyways.

Wacom sells replacements here on their site, which are guaranteed to work like a charm and fit correctly. And be aware, not all nibs are created equal. The Pro Pen 2 (and newer pens) use different smaller nibs compared to the Grip Pen and its generation.

Alternatively, some users have tried 3D printing them, like these Grip Pen generation nibs, or these for the Pro Pen 2 generation. I'd suggest using these at your own risk, I've heard good things, but they are't exactly 'Wacom Certified.' Theres also some extra work involved in getting them to fit correctly, like sanding.

I've seen a few threads where artists will link to metal nibs sold outside the US, I would HIGHLY advise against these. I haven't tried them personally, but I can't imagine any scenario where taking a metal nib to plastic or glass would be safe. I'd rather ruin my nibs then my expensive Cintiq.
One user's experience, I found, realized that the metal nib actually damaged the internal parts to his Pen as well.



Nib Compatibility list 

For Current Gens: Pro Pen 2 (KP504E), Pro Pen 3D (KP505), Pro Pen Slim (KP301E)

For Prev Gen: Art Pen (KP701E2)

For Prev Gens: 
Intuos4, Intuos5 and Intuos Pro: KP503E (Pro Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP400E2 (Airbrush Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Intuos4: KP300E (Classic Pen), KP400E (Airbrush Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen)
Intuos3: ZP300E, ZP300ESE, ZP501E, ZP501ESE
Intuos2: XP120, XP300E, XP400E, XP501A, XP501E
Intuos1: GP120, GP300E GP400E
Bamboo or Intuos: EP150E, EP155E (B,K,S,W,G)*, LP160, LP160E, LP161E, LP170ES, LP170G, LP170K, EP155EK, EP155EW
Cintiq (DTK): KP300E (Classic Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Cintiq (DTZ): ZP300E, ZP300ESE, ZP501E, ZP501ESE
Graphire: EP100E, EP120E, EP130E, EP140E
Interactive Display (DTF Display Products): FP310, FP320, FP320E
Other: FP110, FP410, UP110, UP401, UP703E, UP710, UP710E, UP712, UP714E, UP714W, UP801E, UP803E, UP810E, UP811E, UP813E, UP817E, UP911E

For Prev Gens: 
Intuos Pro: KP503E (Pro Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP400E2 (Airbrush Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Intuos5: KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP400E2 (Airbrush Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Intuos4: KP300E (Classic Pen), KP400E (Airbrush Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen)
Cintiq (DTK): KP300E (Classic Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)


Wacom Grip Pen, Art Pen, Pro Pen, Pro Pen 2, 3D Pen, Slim Pen, Classic Pen.

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  • @Alissa thanks for the feedback. Heres a link to the nibs for your LP160 https://us-store.wacom.com/Catalog/Accessories/Nibs/standard-nibs-for-previous-generation-pens#/undefined2

    Machollywood on
  • Nice post, but could you be more elaborate on what tips are compatible for what pens? I’m desperate to find which would (and which wouldn’t) work with my (rather old) LP160…
    There is a wonderful post on pen-tablet compatibility. It would be really great to have one on pen-nib compatiblity as well.

    Alissa on

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