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Changing the Fan Speed of Your Cintiq Pro 24 or 32

Posted by Stefan Petit on

If you've bought a Cintiq Pro 24 or 32, chances are you've heard of this "issue". Many users were not fond of the level of noise that the Cintiq Pro fans make when running. Of course it can be concerning if you just turn your Cintiq on and the fans go into overdrive mode, but most of the complaints I've heard are from those who like complete and utter silence when creating art.

Me personally, I work with headphones and loud music, but when I get to test the Cintiqs without them, I still barely notice the fan noise. and I'm not surprised that a 4K Display using Touch and many other features running for long hours would be running its fans to cool down.

That being said, It was good that Wacom listened to the consumers and added a firmware update a little while ago to adjust those fan speeds (albeit not recommended*).

To lower the fan speeds all you need is to update your video firmware (Ver 1.0.5 and later). Update to the latest firmware by opening the Wacom Desktop Center. Select the updates menu and follow the instructions to update your Cintiq firmware. Do not disconnect your tablet, allow the computer to go to sleep or shut down the computer during the firmware update.

When the update is complete, open the Wacom Desktop Center, select the Cintiq Pro 24, and choose Display Settings. This may take several moments to open.



Once the settings window has opened, click the advanced button. New fan controls will be located in this window and allow you to choose 'Auto' (Default) or 'Low' for the fans speed.

*Note decreasing the fan speed to low may cause a temperature increase on the surface of the tablet.


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