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Wacom Cintiq Trade-Ins / Upgrades

Posted by Stefan Petit on

Lots of people in Los Angeles know we provide industry level equipment to Studios in California, but we also buy and sell used machines! Sometimes you can make a bit more money selling to another consumer on the web, but with us you get a solid transaction, same day, and you have the chance to get more discounts on any of those Cintiqs still on your wishlist!

If you have a Cintiq 27 QHD (Touch or NonTouch), thats in good working condition, and at least the basic accessories, we'll take it off your hands for a good price and will give you store credit towards upgrading to any other new Wacom Cintiq Pro that we have in stock. 
If you've been interested in the Cintiq Pro 32, we'll also include a $150 discount on top of your credit after we purchase your old Cintiq! By trading in that old Cintiq, you could potentially be upgrading to a new 32 Pro for just the cost of a 24 Pro, thats a good deal! 

You may be thinking, "If my Cintiq is working fine, why would I want to upgrade?" Valid point. I think it ultimately comes down to your budget and how much you want to invest in your career. Wacom does a good job at making their products last, but if your current Cintiq has racked up a few years on your desk, then you don't really know how much longer it will last! And on that day you'll find that you can't get any money for a broken Cintiq, and you'll likely be in the middle of a project! Not to mention it's discontinued and your warranty is long gone!

By upgrading to a new Cintiq, you're investing into an efficient and reliable tool that will be there for you when you need it. It's hardware and software is currently supported by Wacom, and the improved features may not make you a better artist, but they'll make you a more efficient artist, and as they say, "Time is Money".

If you'd like to have you're Cintiq appraised and get a quote on a trade-in, call 323-957-9557 or email sales@machollywood.com.

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  • I have a Wacom 13 HD Creative Pen Display, it is used but has been taken care of greatly. No scratches or dents, all of the cables and accessories, as well as the original box. I was wanting to upgrade to a newer model

    Cody Chacinski on

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