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LaCie's Free USB-C Data Recovery Insurance

Posted by Stefan Petit on

57% of people who lost a computer were more upset about losing the data than losing the gadget. A computer is expensive but memories are priceless.

25% of all PC users suffer data loss annually, and human error accounts for 29% of all data loss. 96% of all business workstations are not regularly backed up. Over the last 30 years, storage capacity has increased exponentially, which makes the potential for data loss and associated recovery expense ever higher. 

LaCie currently offers different paid recovery plans for various devices in either single or family plans. However, from now on, LaCie has started offering FREE Data Recovery Insurance on all Rugged USB-C products, Thunderbolt3 RAIDs, and Thunderbolt3 D2. 

Some of the drives will come with different warranties though. For instance, the 4TB Rugged Thunderbolt | USB-C includes a 3-year service offer. While a Thunderbolt 3 d2 comes with a 5-year offer. And a select few come with a 2-year service.

These Recovery plans are quite new, so not all of the details are available on their website at the moment. In the meantime check for new LaCie packaging labeled with their ‘Rescue’ Recovery tag, or check in with us at 323.957.9557 to find out more.


LaCie 4TB Rugged USB-C STFR4000800

LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 16TB STGB16000400

LaCie 10TB d2 Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Drive STFY10000400

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