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LaCie Portable SSD Overview

Posted by Stefan Petit on

The newest line of LaCie SSD's are all out and they are pretty darn sleek.
Available in either 500GB ($125), 1TB ($250), and 2TB ($450) models; these ingenious USB-C drives have the ability to achieve what most desktop drives merely attempt to do. 

They are capable of fast editing, backups, and transfer speeds up to 540 MB/s. That's an hour of footage in less than a minute! This kind of speed allows editing of multiple streams of 4K footage. LaCie describes it as "reliable, forward momentum in every possible way." 

The USBC cable for newer Thunderbolt 3 computers allows for faster speeds but includes a USB3.0 for older generations. It comes compatible with either Windows or Mac, and LaCies Toolkit Manager preinstalled. With the Toolkit you can back up on demand or set scheduled back ups within days, weeks, or months.

LaCie is also known for the safety of their drives, these SSDs can be dropped from 2 meters! Every USB-C drive includes a 3 Year Data Recover Service. They know that Data loss is sometimes inevitable no matter how many precautions you take, so they've got your back! You also get 1 month free Adobe Creative Cloud!

As storage devices move towards Solid State, the only thing to really come next is larger sizes. 1 or 2 TB is plenty, but for larger productions, studios will likely pick up a Hard Drive Raid Array. But when working on a personal project, when you are on the go, the speeds and security from the LaCie Portable SSD is what you need!





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