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G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle RAID storage overview.

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The many different types of hard drives and their practical uses can get a bit confusing. Especially when looking at the collection G-Technology has, the total number of various RAID Arrays might make your head spin. Mainly, we can break it down by the amount of drives, the total storage, and connection type. Lets start with the standard 4-bay G-Speed Shuttle.


If you need a more portable Array, then the standard G-SPEED Shuttle will work for you. This smaller model, compared to the XL, has 4 drive bay slots for storage capacities of either 16TB, 24TB, 32TB, or 48TBs. 
Although these models only have a Thunderbolt 3 connection, the 1000MB/s transfer rates make them perfect for 4K and 8K workflows to edit multi camera footage in real time, render multi-layer effects, and quickly export with incredible efficiency. 
Stacked with four removable Enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drives, you can depend on their power and enhanced reliability for your most demanding workloads and mission-critical footage.


Another option is to get the Shuttle with EV Bay Adapters. This model limits the 4 Bays down to 2, but keeps the other 2 for a convenient way to quickly offload and save content from a wide range of ev Series drives and readers. Simply plug in an ev Series-compatible device to automatically offload or back up media and minimize your workflows to only the essential steps. On the downside, you'll only have estimated transfer rates of 500MB/s, and have less capacity options: either a 20TB or 24TB.


The smaller Shuttle also has an SSD line, giving you even more speed and reliability. The Solid State storage boosts your speeds up to a scorching 2800MB/s and comes in either an 8TB or 16TB capacity. Each drive bay can fit 2 SSDs, allowing 8x 1TB drives or 8x 2TB drives.

Compatible with Mac and PC, each of these models come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports allow you to daisy chain up to five additional devices so you can stay connected to multiple drives, 4K displays and more, through a single connection to your computer.

Next we'll look into the Shuttle XL's and how they differ from this selection!

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