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Comparing 2019 Intuos Pro to 2013 Intuos Pro

Posted by Stefan Petit on

I want to bring up a few of the key differences between the two Intuos Pro models, that when hearing just the name, can sound quite similar.

The Intuos Pros that came out in 2013 (SKUs PTH451, 651, 851), are very similar to the newest Intuos Pros (SKUs PTH460, 660, 860); which the Medium and Large released in 2017, and the Small in 2019. However they have many key differences (aside from visually) that make the newest models vastly better.

We can start with the size. From the picture above, it looks like the old Medium (top) is next to the new Small (bottom), but they're both generation's Small models! With each respective size, they drastically reduced the overall footprint, while maintaining the same active area. This is huge for artists with limited space, whether they want the Small to fit in their laptop bag, or to use the Large on a desk that previously might've been too cramped for the '851. I can now easily take my Intuos Pro Small to school and back without weighing myself down!

Their surfaces feel similar depending on the type of Pen nib you use, but the new generation comes with a default matte surface that gives drawing a more traditional feel. You also have two additional surfaces that are sold separately and easy to swap out. I love this newer texture because I can feel the resistance of the pen, thus making my traditional drawing skills more transferable when switching to digital.

The 2013 models had great Wireless Kits for freeing up cables to free yourself from a desk, but you had to use the wireless dongle taking up valuable ports on your computer. Not to mention how those wireless adapters can often get their signals lagged out from other wireless devices in proximity. The new Intuos Pros have bluetooth which is worlds better than previous tech. Its faster, less lag, and no chance for nearby signals to be interrupted! 

The Pens, still battery free, have also had huge improvements. The older pens, like the Grip, Pro, Art, and Classic are still great, but the new Pro Pen 2 has over 8 thousand levels of sensitivity, thats twice as much as the old generation! The latest generation also introduces the Slim pen (like the old Classic) and the 3D Pen (3 Buttons by thumb, minus an eraser). With a newer ergonomic build and quality materials, I can see these Pens sticking around for a long time. Even though they are missing an improved Art Pen, I'm hoping they come out with that soon, however, Pens are forwards compatible, so you can still use that Art Pen on newer Cintiqs and Tablets!

Both generations still feature a Touch Ring, Express Keys, and MultiTouch features. So the core functionality and soul of the Tablets are similar, but with all the other improvements and features, I'm happy to say that the differences make the new Intuos Pro line a generational leap into what a creative tablet should be for any working professional or student!


Purchase The New Intuos Pros:

Small PTH460K0A
Medium PTH660, PTH660P (Paper Ed) 
Large PTH860, PTH860P (Paper Ed)  



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  • Hello, Thank you for such an informative response.

    I’m also quite interested in the Wacom Intuos Pro , For me, the price wasn’t so much of an issue but rather the quality and longevity of the product. And although Wacom does seem to live up to its reputation, they also seem to use that to their own advantage.

    Looking around a bit, I found the XP-Pen Deco Pro M , which is bigger, but not sure if the quality is any better. How is the “standard” and “smooth” texture feel like compared to Deco Pro ? Do You have any experience with XP-Pen tablets ?

    gangben on
  • @Jeff, any mouse can work with your computer, most mice can even be used on top of the Intuos. The newer tablets are also smaller than the older tablets, so that means more desk space for other peripherals. Unfortunately having a small desk is a very specific problem, Wacom got rid of the additional mouse accessory because its outdated. Either you have a Wacom mouse or a computer mouse, not much is lost with the ladder.

    Machollywood on
  • But the new ones don’t have a Mouse. Doesn’t even exist. I use my wacom Intuos 5 for both general use and for Photoshop. So I use the mouse all theme.
    And theres certain retouching functions I prefer the mouse for- such as the Path tool – I can me more precise placing my path points with a mouse.
    If I upgrade I’ll lose the mouse and have to take up MORE space on my desk for a mouse pad – or have to place the pad on top of the tablet & move it to use the pen.
    When retouching I go back & forth between Mouse and pen frequently. What is the solution to this?

    Jeff Ellis on

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