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Wacom's New Cintiq 27QHD

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Here at Machollywood we have finally received the must anticipated 27QHD. At first glance, we noticed a flat, seamless design on the tablet. The entire surface area of the tablet’s face is covered in glass, with the 27” 2.5K display is windowed within a black border.

The buttons, dials, and touch strips have been eliminated from the sides of the display, giving this tablet a sleek, futuristic, and professional finish. Absence of controls on the surface also allowed us to really put our weight on the machine. Resting our arms wherever we felt comfortable while drawing allowed for a more natural drawing on paper experience than older Cintiq models.

Instead of incorporating the controls on the Cintiq’s surface, Wacom has created a wireless programmable remote called “The ExpressKey.” It comes with a gripped bottom that relays commands wirelessly to the 27QHD.

The ExpressKey remote can be placed anywhere on the Cintiq’s surface because of its gripped bottom. The remote is also designed to magnetize to the border areas on the left and right side of the 2.5K display. The remote features four separate control areas to program: 8 outer keys, 4 inner keys, 5 ring keys, and 1 touch ring.

 The incorporation of the ExpressKey remote allowed us to use the programmable controls on the Cintiq faster and easier. With all of the buttons located on one device that fits in your hand, it eliminates the annoyance of reaching on either the right or left of screen. The layout of the buttons is designed in a way to help you remember your shortcuts easier as well. The designation of different sections of the remote allows for a categorization of controls, for example keeping all of your brush options in the inner key segment.

 Wacom has integrated kickstand legs on the back of the 27QHD instead of the traditional stand with the other Cintiq models. A traditional stand does exist for the 27QHD but must be purchased independently for an additional $399. Due to the weight of the device and the grip and strength of the kickstands, the tablet remained steady in place when drawing. The kickstand raises the top of the 27QHD approximately 3” at a 20 degree angle. The 27QHD can also be positioned at a 5 degree angle.

 On the back of the Cintiq 27QHD is a VESA 100 mount along with a hatch door to access the tablet’s connection ports. The Cintiq allows connection to an Apple and Windows computer. One can connect directly with a display port or with an HDMI cable. The box includes a Mini Display adaptor and a DVI cable.

Wacom has also integrated 4 USB3 Ports on the sides (2 per side) of the Cintiq, allowing the tablet to act as a USB hub for your computer.

Along with all of these great innovations, Wacom included the Pro Pen with the 27QHD. Compared to the standard Grip Pen, the Pro Pen has a slimmer tapered eraser end, and a grip that wraps around the pen nearly halfway up from the pen tip, leaving the other half a smooth plastic. It’s a fraction lighter than the Grip Pen and has the weight of a small Sharpie.

Wacom revolutionized this Cintiq tablet in design and functionality. Work flows in Autodesk programs and Photoshop became faster by having the remote controls all on one device. The larger size of the display, and uniform flat glass surface felt more natural to drawing on a large piece of artistic paper. The design is attractive without being unnecessary. This tablet is easily the best tablet Wacom has created, pragmatic and efficient.


27” 2.5K Display w/o Buttons on tablet face
Express Key Remote
Integrated Kickstands
HDMI Connectivity
Pro Pen4-USB3 Ports

 Connection Options:

Display Port
Mini Display Port


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