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Wacom Color Manager

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What is the color manager?

The Wacom Color Manager, powered by X-Rite, is an optional accessory designed to calibrate the Wacom Cintiq displays for customers where color management is prevalent in their workflow. The product consists of a colorimeter (able to measure emissive color) and calibration software.

Optimized for use with the Cintiq 27QHD, the Wacom Color Manager is a standalone piece of hardware that replicates the function of a human eye to measure light behavior on a surface. This process gives your Cintiq the most accurate data it needs to display colors on your screen the way they will appear on the widest possible array of devices.

When used to its full potential, it can hold a display at 97% Adobe RGB, delivering maximum uniformity. This assures that the color selected on the Cintiq translates directly to the final product.

WCM is a customized version of X-Rite’s i1DisplayPro v3 monitor calibrator.

X-Rite customized their calibration software so it talks directly to the display scalar in the Cintiq 27QHD and has auto adjustments to get more precise color, depending on the workflow mode/profile selected.

The Wacom Color Manager is compatible with other Wacom Cintiq Displays and non-Wacom displays.

Wacom® recently announced the launch of Wacom Color Manager, the company’s new color calibration solution designed for photographers, designers and other creative professionals who want color accuracy across their workflow. The new Wacom Color Manager combines a colorimeter calibrator and custom profiling software developed by X-Rite to give Wacom Cintiq® users an advanced, fast and user-friendly calibration tool specifically designed to work with the Wacom Cintiq family of products. Cintiq users will obtain the most accurate color control for their display, saving valuable time and money by eliminating the guesswork inherent without color management.


Cintiq solutions tend to be the creative tools of choice, particularly in those industries where color accuracy makes a difference, making it a natural to add a dedicated and powerful color management system that is convenient and easy to use.

The Wacom Color Manager offers specific performance advantages to users of Wacom’s highest color performance displays, the Cintiq 27QHD line, but is engineered to provide calibration to the rest of the Cintiq family, as well as other displays. X-Rite worked closely with Wacom to customize the software for direct and seamless communication with the Cintiq 27QHD. With the unique features added to the Wacom Color Manager, users will be able to achieve a more precise adjustment of gray scale gamma, white point and other primary settings.

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Very often you see creative professionals with two displays, where one is entirely dedicated to color control. Because of the Cintiq 27QHD’s advanced color gamut, users that employ Wacom Color Manager with the Cintiq alleviate the need for a costly second monitor, which speeds workflow, frees up work area space and helps reduce equipment costs.

The Wacom Color Manager calibration device and the profiling software work together in either a basic or advanced mode to provide users with easy-to-use, flexible and powerful performance. Users can save, reuse and share settings so that color is consistent over multiple monitors.

X-Rite is very excited to see the high standards of both companies coming together to deliver a uniquely accurate and versatile display solution for creatives.

Watch the following videos for further details:

Accurate Color Workflow

Importance of Color Accuracy

Color Profiling on the Cintiq 27QHD




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