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Wacom Link Plus Release

Posted by Stefan Petit on


Wacom Link Plus

The Wacom Link Plus is finally out and being included in new boxes of the Cintiq Pro 13 and 16. You can also purchase the Link Plus as an accessory for $70. 

Many artists had a rough time using the Cintiq Pro in connection with devices that used HDMI (most PC users), even when using Wacom “approved” adapters. Thankfully Wacom was hard at work to correct that mistake, seeing that the original Wacom Link was only useful for MiniDisplay ports (most Mac users).

The Link Plus is also powered by the Cintiqs power supply. Power passes through the Link, which is connected to the Cintiq via USB-C.

The Link Plus still offers MiniDisplay port in addition to the HDMI. As well as USBC in/out power. And Micro USB for your computer.

The MiniDisplay Port offers 4K Video (3840x2160), but I’m a little disappointed that the HDMI is limited to 2560x1440.And your system will need to be either Win7+ or OSX 10.10+ to use the Link.

 If you are purchasing a new Cintiq Pro and you need the Link Plus, make sure that the model number ends in ‘AK0’. i.e. – DTH1620AK0. The original Cintiq Pro versions end in ‘K0’ and will thus only have the original Wacom Link.



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