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Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Review

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Wacom Intuos Medium Paper Edition Review


Intuos Pro Paper 

I have always preferred sketching on paper rather than in Photoshop. I could always just scan drawings, but with the Intuos Pro Paper Edition it takes out the middleman completely. The ease at which you can press the Intuos dial and have it upload to the Inkspace app is great, especially when you are making multiple ideations or don’t have a scanner available. Technically, all the new Intuos Pros are “Paper ready” and Wacom offers the ‘Paper’ part of the edition at an additional $50, which includes the Clip to hold paper, a small stack of paper, and the Wacom Finetip pen. You can even purchase different surfaces for the tablet to have smoother or rougher drawing textures.

As an improvement to the tablet itself, they’ve also made it slimmer, lighter, and Bluetooth capable. Compared to the old wireless dongle, this is much more reliable. My old wireless connection to those usb sticks would never hold. Unfortunately when using the Paper features, the Tablet does not record any pressure input, so getting multiple line weights or gradients will be impossible.

The Intuos Pro Paper Edition is a huge improvement on past models, and is only available in the Medium and Large sizes. But for most artists, the larger active drawing area feels much more natural. I highly recommend this tablet, not just for the Paper Edition but for all the improvements with its design and functionality.




Medium Intuos Pro
Medium Intuos Pro Paper Edition
Large Intuos Pro
Large Intuos Pro Paper Edition

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