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Wacom Monochrome Signature Pad STU-430

Wacom Monochrome Signature Pad STU-430


  • $289.00

 STU-430 Data Sheet


The Wacom STU-430 Signature Pad

Ideal for any signing environment, the Wacom STU-430 signature pad is a versatile, full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a new thin design and a low-profile surface. The 4.5’’ LCD screen is large enough to capture longer signatures, as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area.

Moreover, the screen is easily readable in varying light conditions. State-of-the-art encryption and a unique hardware ID ensure a secure signing experience.


Efficient Accuracy

Cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 pressure sensitivity levels ensures biometrically accurate signature capture.

Secure Transactions

Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption

Unique Identity

Unique hardware ID enables identification of the exact device used for signing

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