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Wacom Color Signature Pad STU-540

Wacom Color Signature Pad STU-540


  • $345.00

STU540 Product Sheet

As our most advanced and robust premium signature pads, the Wacom STU-540 feature a 5" high-resolution color screen with hardened cover glass for superb durability.

They also feature a broad range of connectivity options including multiple choices for virtualized desktop environments, as well as sophisticated encryption and user convenience.

As a result, these signature pads have the flexibility to meet the growing demands of any organization implementing handwritten electronic signatures


Secure Transactions

Transaction security with state-of-the-art TLS encryption

Native Support

Native support for Citrix v7.6.3 and newer in standard USB mode.


Virtual COM Port (VCP) mode for Citrix v6.5 and other virtualized desktop environments

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