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Wacom Interactive Multi Touch Pen Display 24-inch DTH-2452


  • $1,749.00

The DTH2452 pen and touch display is a premium communication tool. The 23.8-inch LCD with high resolution and wide viewing angle provides a large screen for users to work on. The freedom of the pen allows you to turn static material into active and engaging content. Add drawings, sketches and diagrams to presentations or lesson plans to elaborate on key concepts and spontaneously integrate new ideas into the discussion. The DTK-2451 offers Wacom’s industry leading pen-input performance. The DTH-2452 adds responsive multi-touch input for navigation and gesture support.


Key Features:

  • 24-inch LCD panel offers a large, comfortable surface and a wide viewing angle for excellent performance.

  • Patented cordless, battery-free pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for precise drawing, writing, and annotating.

  • 4 user-assignable ExpressKeys to access common functions or tools.

  • Integrated user USB port to provide easy access to your favorite USB devices.

  • Built-in DVI-I pass-thru connector handles either digital or analog input and allows mirroring directly from pen display to another display.

  • Adjustable stand supports multiple angles for greater comfort.

  • Standard VESA mounting for use with 3rd-party stands and arms.

  • HDCP compliant.



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