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Promise Pegasus R12 - 240TB (12 x 20TB) PGR12XXXXX20TG

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Pegasus R12

Thunderbolt™ 4

Pegasus R12 utilizes the Thunderbolt™ 4 technology 40Gbps transfer speed, equipped with the industry renowned PromiseRAID engine. Pegasus R12 offers flexibility with two Thunderbolt™ 4 (Type-C) ports supported on current and earlier Mac and Windows generations.

High Performance NVMe SSD Cache

Pegasus R12 delivers extreme high performance via the PromiseRAID, powering 12-drive RAID array and push to the maximum 3,000MB/sec data rate allowed by Thunderbolt™ 4 throughput. Its unparalleled performance is boosted by the two on-board NVMe SSD caching. Pegasus R12 is a massive productivity injection to any creator's workflow.

New 12-Bay Desktop Design

Slick, elegant and compact 12-bay design packs up to 240TB HDD (20TB x12 3.5" enterprise nearline HDD) in an enclosure nearly the same size of most 8-bay enclosures in the market. PROMISE engineered this high-density design that enables quick and easy drive swapping and produces very low noise output using intelligent fan control. Pegasus R12 is the compact, large capacity, whisper-quiet storage workhorse for your desktop.

Easy Handling

Pegasus R12 compact design that enables moving from studio to studio, set to set easily. Once connected with Thunderbolt™ cable and power cord, Pegasus R12 automatically wake and sleep in accordance with host computer activities to save power and reduce noise. Pegasus R12 slick and elegant design with top cover features a clean appearance, easy drive replacement, while prevents accidental drive removal.


PromiseRAID is renowned in the storage industry for stability and performance. The PromiseRAID engine has proven itself in enterprise storage for decades. This same innovative technology is at the core of the entire Pegasus storage line. Drive failure risk increases as number of drives and the capacity of the drive increases. Predictive Data Migration (PDM) feature, a part of PromiseRAID, performs workflow to periodic media check for taking action automatically before drive failure happens.


Pegasus R12 continues power saving features built in the Pegasus systems. Once connected with Thunderbolt™ cable and power cord, Pegasus R12 power management automatically wake and sleep in accordance with host computer activities to save power and reduce noise. If the host computer enters sleep mode, is shut down, or the Thunderbolt™ connection is disconnected, the Pegasus R12 enters energy savings mode.


 Form Factor 12-Bay Tower
Drive Support 3.5” SATA 6Gbps
Processor Storage Processor 4 cores, 2.2 GHz
Cache NVMe M.2 SSD x2 (Optional)
Interface Type Thunderbolt™4 40Gbps / USB4 40Gbps / Thunderbolt™3 40Gbps
Thunderbolt™ Port Thunderbolt™4 ports x2 (Upstream x1, Downstream x1)
External Monitor One downstream Thunderbolt™4 port can connect up to dual 4K monitors or single 8K monitor
Power Delivery 85W (Thunderbolt™ host and USB4 host)
Port Type USB Type-C
RAID Level RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, JBOD
Hot Spare Yes
Max LUNs 128
Hot Swap Yes
Supported OS MacOs, Windows
Management Tool PROMISE Utility Pro
Product Specific Features Intelligent Cooling, Drive SMART health Polling, NVMe Cache Management
Dimension 227mm(L) x 227mm(W) x 318mm(H)
Weight 12.3kg
Power Supply AC 100~240V auto-ranging, 50~60Hz, 350W
Temperature Range Operating: 5°~35°C, Non-operating: -40°~60°C
Warranty 3-years standard warranty, optional extended warranty, and on-site parts replacement program (PROMISE ServicePlus) available.