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Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Bundle

Xence Labs

  • $1,249.00



Key Features:

  • 4K OLED 16” Pen Display

  • Natural Drawing Experience

  • Finely Tuned Pressure Curve

  • High Color Gamut Coverage (1.07 billion colors, 98% Adobe RGB, 98% P3-D65, 99% sRGB, 99% REC 709, 82% REC 2020)

  • Exceptional Glare Reduction

  • Single Cable Connectivity

  • Xencelabs Hub Bundle (Hub, power adapter, USB-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort cables; USB cable for pen data)

  • Xencelabs Mobile Easel (stand)

  • Two Pens: Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 + Eraser & Xencelabs Thin Pen v2 + Eraser

  • Quick Keys with OLED display

  • Xencelabs Carrying Case, (portable)

  • Silent, Fanless Housing

  • 8192 Levels of Pen Pressure Sensitivity

  • Symmetrical, Ultra-thin 12mm Design

  • Edge-to-Edge drawing surface



Inspiration is Everywhere

Finely Tuned Pressure Curve, 4K, 16” OLED Screen, Preloaded Color Spaces for Convenience, Ultra-thin Portable Design, Single Cable Connectivity.

The ultra-slim and lightweight OLED Pen Display 16 provides exceptional portability, vibrant color, high contrast levels, and precise, natural pen performance. It's perfect for professional digital artists and designers who seek an excellent drawing experience, no matter where they are.

Designed with Portability in Mind

The 16-inch OLED screen boasts a slim 12mm profile and weighs just 2.67lbs (1.2kg), making it easy to carry and transport to various working environments.

A single USB-C cable can link the Pen Display 16 to a computer that supports DP Alt Mode and delivers 15W of power via the USB-C port. This setup offers an uncluttered connection and a flexible display position, ideal for working on the go.

For computers without a suitable USB-C port, the included Xencelabs Hub Bundle offers, USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort connectivity, and included power, resulting in increased brightness of up to 300cd/m2.

Studio Quality Drawing Experience

The Pen Display 16 provides beautiful pen control thanks to its surface texture. This allows the hand to glide smoothly across the screen, with the friction of the pen nib against the screen providing a traditional pen-to- paper experience.

The pressure curve has an initial activation force of 3g and ranges to 500g. This allows for delicate strokes as well as strong, bold lines and everything in between. The pressure curve has been meticulously tuned thanks to a panel of artists who provided pressure data. Whether heavy or light handed, the pen provides control, sensitivity, and precision. Pen response is adjustable to match any drawing style.


Stunning 4K OLED Pen Display

4K OLED screen delivers 1.07 billion colors, enhanced color reproduction from deep blacks to vibrant highlights, and allows creatives to work with precise color accuracy. High resolution 3980*2160, High contrast ratio 100,000:1, Color depth: 1.07 billion primary colors.

These five common color gamuts, which are used in different industries, allow you to view your work as needed without requiring color calibration of your display.

Adobe RGB: 98%

P3-D65: 98%

sRGB: 99%

REC 709: 99%

REC 2020: 82%

Exceptional Glare Reduction: Specially designed display surface significantly reduces distracting glare and gives superior clarity in brightly lit environments or rooms with overhead ceiling lights. Screen is optically bonded, eliminating parallax and producing a bright, clear image. No “sparkling” effect to distract or tire your eyes.


Streamlined, Ergonomic Design

Two pen sizes, the Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 and the Xencelabs Thin Pen v2 are included to cater to individual preferences. Both have a built-in eraser and can be assigned to separate settings per application. The erasers can also be programmed for other functions.

The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 was designed with a high-quality aluminum back housing. It ensures rapid heat dissipation without the need of fans, preventing overheating and allowing for drawing comfort.

Included Mobile Easel has tilt angles of 18° and 32°, making it easy to suit different drawing positions for consistently easy viewing.


Adaptable to Artist Preferences

Virtual Tablet ModeTM allows creatives to use the Xencelabs Pen and Pen Display 16 to select and control objects on other connected displays.

The Xencelabs driver is modern and intuitive. The settings panel makes it easy to customize Quick Keys, pen pressure sensitivity, pen buttons, and more. With regular updates, it always feels up-to-date and reliable.

The Xencelabs Quick Keys has 8 buttons with 5 sets for up to 40 customizable shortcuts per application, and the dial has four modes for zoom, rotation, brush size, and more. It supports any application that uses shortcut keyboard keys.

Xencelabs equips users with all accessories needed for out of the box operation. The Pen Display 16 comes with a pen case, containing both the Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 and Xencelabs Thin Pen v2, 10 additional pen nib refills (6 standard nibs + 4 felt nibs + extractor), Bluetooth dongle and a USB-A to USB-C adapter, Xencelabs Hub Bundle, Xencelabs Mobile Easel, a drawing glove, and the Xencelabs Carrying Case to hold it all.

Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. 

Quick Start Guide: available on https://www.xencelabs.com/us


In The Box:
1*Xencelabs Pen Display 16 (LPH1612U-A)
1*Xencelabs Mobile Easel (S-03)
1*Pen Case
5*Power Adapters
1*Xencelabs Hub Bundle
1*Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 + eraser (PH35-A) 1*Xencelabs Thin Pen v2 + eraser (PH36-A)
1*Quick Keys (K02-A)
1*USB-A to USB-C (L-shaped, Quick Keys charging) 2m cable 2*Pen Clips
1*Adapter (USB-A to USB-C)
1*Wireless Dongle
10*Nibs (6 Standard, 4 Felt)
1*Nib Extractor
1*Cleaning Cloth
1*Glove (M)
1*USB-C to USB-A 3.0 (Standard) 1.2m cable
1*USB-C to USB-C 1.2m Cable
1*Display Port to Display Port 1.2m cable
1*HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0, 1.2m cable
1*USB-C to USB-C (L-shaped, braided) 1.5m cable
1*Power USB-C to USB-C 2m cable
1*Xencelabs Carrying Case
1*Warranty card

Other info:
Model#: LPH1612U-A
Color: Carbon Black
Warranty: 2 years
Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows, Linux
Connectivity: USB-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort cables; USB cable for pen data Pen Technology: Battery-free EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance)
Box Dimensions: 475*326*129mm, 18.75 x 13 x 5 in.
Box Weight: 5.67kg, 12.5 lbs

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