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SanDisk Professional G-Raid Mirror 48TB SDPHH2H-048T-NBAAD

SanDisk Professional

  • $1,599.99



The SanDisk Professional G-RAID® MIRROR drive set to RAID 1 (Mirroring) will allow you to keep a working copy of your valuable content on one drive and will automatically create a duplicate for you on the second drive for data redundancy and peace of mind. For customers who need ultra-reliable storage with data redundancy and enough power to keep up with their demanding workloads, the high-performance, enterprise-class G-RAID MIRROR is the perfect partner.


7200RPM Ultrastar® Enterprise-class Hard Drives Inside
For your demanding workloads and mission-critical content, you can rely on the power and enhanced reliability of the 7200RPM Ultrastar® enterprise-class hard drives inside.

Ships in RAID 1 for Peace of Mind
G-RAID MIRROR is ready to go in RAID 1, also known as “mirroring”, so all your valuable content is automatically duplicated onto the second drive for worry-free data redundancy.

Offload, make copies or edit content from a PRO-BLADE™ SSD Mag through the new PRO-BLADE™ SSD Mag slot at blazing fast speeds.

Change Hardware RAID Setting on Device
Easily change the RAID mode setting from default RAID 1 to RAID 0 or JBOD by flipping a switch – no need to download an app or install special software.

High-Performance Thunderbolt™ 3 Interface
Thunderbolt™ 3 interface for faster transfers, image editing, workload management, and daisy-chaining for up to five (5) additional devices.

Pairs Great with iPad
G-RAID® MIRROR works great with compatible iPad tablets† that have a USB Type-C™ port to enable efficient creative workflows when using your favorite production apps "

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