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TwelveSouth BassJump 2.0 12-1109

Twelve South

  • $70.00

The BassJump 2 Portable Subwoofer for Mac from Twelve South is a compact USB-powered subwoofer designed for use alongside Apple laptops and computers to add bass reinforcement and improve overall sound quality. The subwoofer connects to your laptop via USB and works in conjunction with the computer's integrated speakers to provide an immersive audio experience. The sub comes with custom software that blends the music coming from the computer speakers with the extra bass coming from the BassJump 2 to create rich, balanced audio.

Because the BassJump 2 receives power and audio through a single USB connection, you never have to mess with batteries, AC plugs, or extra cables. The USB connection also provides plug-and-play compatibility once the custom software is installed. The BassJump 2 works with most pro audio applications, including Logic Studio, allowing you to use the subwoofer as a productivity tool as well as a fantastic entertainment sound system.

The unit has a convenient on/off switch and a volume control. Other settings are controlled via the software preferences window, which has 2 analog-style VU meters and the ability to customize the sound output for a particular music genre. Whether you want to enhance your listening experience at home or on the road, deliver more dynamic multimedia presentations, or create the latest hit song, the BassJump 2 is the perfect solution for getting superior audio from your Mac.

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