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Moshi Arcus Multifunctional Backpack, Vintage Brown - 99MO094731


  • $229.95

Ready for Adventure. The multifunctional backpack that provides easy access to your camera, securely carries your laptop and is ergonomically designed for comfort.


  • Crush-Resistant Compartment
  • Top-Loading Main Compartment
  • Side-Loading Main Compartment Panel
  • Full-Length Device Compartment
  • Shock-Absorbing Pockets
  • Fits Laptops up to 15"
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Attachment Points on Shoulder Straps
  • Elasticized Side Pocket
  • Dual Rear Zippered Pockets



     Inspired by the shape of an arcus cloud, Moshi's Arcus is a lightweight, full-sized backpack that carries all of your gear in a stylish and modern design. Its bold top contour forms a crush-resistant compartment for storing sunglasses, headphones, and other delicate items.

     Arcus' top-loading design unzips to reveal a main compartment spacious enough for a jacket, shoes, workout clothes, books, and more, while a side-loading panel offers quick access to difficult-to-reach items at the bottom. The full-length device compartment cradles your electronics such as a laptop (up to 15"), tablet, and smartphone with independent shock-absorbing pockets. For heavier loads, Arcus includes an adjustable sternum strap for extra stability and comfort.

     There are also plenty of attachment points on the shoulder straps for carabiners, smartphone mounts, or other strap-on accessories. The bag's elasticized side pocket holds a tripod, umbrella, or water bottle for quick grabbing on the go. On the backside, two discreet zippered pockets add an element of security by keeping important items such as a passport or wallet close to your body. Padded Airmesh fabric lines the shoulder straps as well as Arcus' back support for excellent ventilation.

     The versatility doesn't stop there; a DSLR camera insert (sold separately) turns Arcus into a professional camera bag to transport your laptop, DSLR body, lenses, tripod, external flash, and other camera accessories on any photowalk or day trip.


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