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MobileStudio Pro Review

Just wanted to share some reviews of the NEW Wacom MobileStudio Pro. We’ve also attached a fact sheet regarding this new product. If anyone has any questions please let us know!


Some nice quotes from the article:

“Drawing and painting with the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro is ridiculously smooth.”

“I don’t know how that compares to Apple’s made-up “wide color” terminology, but 96% of the Adobe RGB gamut is something that’s much more well-defined and pretty impressive. Multi-touch panning and zooming on the MobileStudio Pro is also much faster and smoother than it is on the Surface Pro 4. These Wacom tablets are very responsive.”

“This might be the world’s first device to get me to consider getting anything that ran on Windows.”


“I have been using the Cintiq Companion 2 for some time now, and while I liked that device just fine (see my review here) I found the MobileStudio Pro to be a significant upgrade. It has addressed a number of the “cons” I had about the Companion 2, while at the same time really upping the game in terms of specs and performance.”

“The best part for me is the new “etched glass” screen. Unlike previous units, this surface provides a much more natural surface feel to the screen… it’s more like drawing on real paper or board. Just the right amount of drag and surface tension, with a little “give” of flexibility as well in the pen point. It’s by far the most natural feel of any digital drawing device I’ve used, including the iPad Pro and the rubbery Apple Pencil.

“The MobileStation Pro isn’t a sketchy toy for the coffeeshop, or an exercise in compromise by juggling multiple apps to try and get around the limitations of the hardware. It’s a truly portable full digital art studio without excuses as to why you can’t do with it what you do in the studio.”


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