Bamboo Slate, Spark, and Folio Review

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       With the release of the Bamboo Spark, Wacom improved the concept of a digital notebook. And shortly after they perfected it even further with the conception of the Bamboo Slate and Folio. All three of the devices work essentially the same way; you draw on the pad and it uploads to your smart device, simple and easy. The Spark is a smaller folio that comes with A5 size paper. The Slate comes in A4 or A5 sizes, and the Folio only comes in A4.

Despite the drawing size restrictions and necessary Wacom ballpoint pen, the devices can use any type of paper. However, the notepads have trouble detecting the pen through more than 50 sheets of paper. You’ll also need the Wacom Inkspace app to transfer your notes/drawings through Bluetooth.

 Wacom found a way to bridge the gap between taking physical notes and typing notes on your smart device. These digital notepads allow you to do both seamlessly, giving you the ability to save multiple notes on the same pad with multiple pages before uploading, or you can do Live drawing and watch your notes transfer in real time. 

Once you’ve uploaded to your device through the Inkspace app, you can edit and save your notes in many different formats including jpg, pdf, and will (Wacom’s file format) which you can export to programs like Evernote. You can even convert your handwriting to text for emails or messages. The app also has the ability to scrub through the timeline of your drawing process, line by line. This lets you split certain sections and save them into separate files.

The Bamboo digital notebooks are great note taking devices. Sharing your notes is also a breeze, having the ability to instantly send saved files through email or directly to Dropbox. But keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily geared towards artists. The lines recorded into the app do not have levels of pressure sensitivity comparable to better known drawing Wacom products like the Intuos or Cintiqs. Although, any of these are great assets for anyone who wants to take notes more efficiently and faster. But those frequently in boardrooms, conferences, and meetings will probably benefit from the Bamboo devices the most.

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