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Is Wacom's latest tablet a game-changer for digital artists?

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With the Cintiq Companion 2, you can take the artistic power of Painter, Photoshop and ZBrush anywhere you like.


It's a self-contained Windows computer with the full Wacom graphics tablet features already built in, which can also be used as a 'dumb' graphics tablet when connected to a Mac or PC.


Essentially, you can use this to draw, sketch and paint at your desk hooked up to your main computer, and draw, sketch and paint directly on it while sitting on the sofa or outside.

Indeed, it's meaty enough to use as your main computer, especially since you can hook up an external display as well as keyboards, mice and hard drives.

The nearest thing it has to a rival is the Microsoft Surface tablet, but this has neither Wacom's heritage nor chops when it comes to rich drawing tools.

Unlike the first-generation Companion (which came in a version that ran Windows but couldn't also be used as a regular tablet tethered to your Mac or PC, plus one that could do both but was limited to Android when standalone), this all-new Cintiq Companion 2 can be used at a desk as a graphics tablet for your regular computer, but because it also runs Windows, you can use full, familiar versions of Painter, Photoshop and so on when away from your workstation.

There are some additional improvements over the original, too: a higher-resolution screen (although a side-effect is that interface elements are tiny by default), USB 3.0, two more ExpressKeys to speed up your work (customisable, of course, and per-application if you choose), and more.

Generally, it's superb. The drawing surface has a bit of bite, the small gap between the nib and the target becomes less of a problem as you adapt, it's light and cool-running enough to use on your lap, and it comes with a three-position stand, the wonderful Pro Pen, and a natty protective sleeve.



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