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Securing Yourself From Losing Your Data!

Backing Up Your Data 

You’ve heard it from us, you’ve heard it from the Apple store, and without a doubt you’ve probably heard it from your friends.

“Do you have your data backed up!?”

It’s the most important question, about your computer, that can be asked unto you. It’s a pesky and persistent question that computer shops ask, but it’s truly out of care and consideration for you and your beloved machine.

Here at Machollywood we suggest that, from the beginning of your usage on your computer, you keep your information backed up on an external drive.

Computer data is critical to the life and work of a 21st century human. More than likely, the bulk of your family photos, vacation videos, work files, calendar, and email all exist on one computer.

If your computer were to crash from a hard drive malfunction, where all of your data is stored, you may have to say goodbye to all of your memories, all of your organization, your work, you get it.

So the question changes from “Do you have your data backed up,” to “Why do you not have your data backed up.”

Truly, having a data back up will add to your quality of life. Even if you aren’t stressed about losing your data on your computer, you certainly will be when it crashes and you don’t have a back up. Having a back up of your computer data is an investment in your well being more so than your machine.

Fortunately, Apple has made backing up your computer very simple, and catchy even. An application named “Time Machine” exists on your Apple device. This “Time Machine” will back up all of your data in bundled folders that you can access individually or transfer to a new computer in whole. Every instant you back up your computer to “Time Machine” you’ll literally be able to “go back in time” and access all of the information you’ve accumulated and even deleted in your past.

At Machollywood we have a vast selection of external drives for any user’s needs. We carry the gamut, ranging from $75 for a 500GB external Lacie Porsche Design drive for small personal computer back ups, to the 24TB G-Speed Studio RAID for audio and video production.

If you have any questions about which drive would be best for you and your computer back up, give us a call, or stop by the store!


Thanks for reading!

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