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Apple's 'Spring Forward' Event Releases

Apple’s Latest “Spring Forward” Event

I promised a few weeks ago that I would write about Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Event. You may or may not have watched the event, but I thought I’d offer some opinions about Apple’s new releases.

The Reintroduction of Macbook

Perhaps one of the more exciting computer releases from Apple, consumers were finally reintroduced to the Macbook after 5 years of waiting.


I love the design features; I despise USB-C and its “potential.”

To start, the thin design, 24% lighter than the air, is magnificient. A lighter aluminum computer has more durability than a similar aluminum design on a larger computer. The integration of the silver, space gray, and gold options is quite clever. As consumers, having a decision on what you buy prompts you to buy more and we are finally given that option from Apple. With this Macbook I imagine being that “cool” guy at the airport, whipping out my new golden Macbook, and everyone in the LAX terminal Oooing and Ahhing at the site of it.

This certainly isn’t the only reason I like the computer. However it does help reinforce the “status” element of Apple. I’ll elaborate more on the importance of status to Apple in my Apple Watch section.

The finish isn’t the only innovation I like on the Macbook. I hate to admit it, but it was genius to incorporate the Force Touch trackpad. Having a haptic feedback when clicking and pressing allows for such a greater user experience when using a computer. It makes it more personal, and gives the computer “life”. Think of the video game controller and how it responds to your first-person shooter. The more sensory stimulations a device can give you, the better you’ll be able to operate the device with mastery.

Apple will be also be updating their new 13” Macbook Pro with the Force Touch trackpad. 

Larger keys on the keyboard and a new butterfly mechanism will definitely make typing easier and most likely faster.

The 2K Retina display is a must have, and is expected now from us consumers/resellers.

The innovations to make the Macbook smaller and lighter are also, well, smart. The logic board is what impressed me most. It’s tiny compared to the Air, and I thought the Air’s logic board was small. Using tiered batters, also ingenuitive.

I can see where this technology is going to be extremely useful in the next releases of the Macbook Pro, which I can assume will come out this next fall. If not before.

So what’s my hang up? USB-C. I’m still waiting for my Ah-Ha! moment when I realize just how universal and useful this silly port is. It makes me question why Apple didn’t configure a Thunderbolt port charger. They’ve already manufactured the adapters and many consumers already own these adapters. Now, if I where to use a Macbook. I would need to use multiple adapters to connect my external drive, my displays, my thunderbolt devices, and on and on and on.

If I had expendable income, I’d pick up a Macbook for travel. The computers weight and mobility are ideal for people always on the go, unless you need to project a presentation. However, if you’re using your computer for mostly emails and document writing. This should be your new machine.

 Apple Watch

Let’s wait to see if this watch has market appeal. Right now it has consumers excited, but would you buy one? The Sport starts at $350, the Stainless Steel at $549, and the coveted Edition starting at $10,000.

This is another instance of Apple promoting its status for them and for us as well.

The functionality of the Apple Watch, I feel, is yet to be determined. A model ran a half-marathon with it, so??? I easily exercise with an armband, made for the 5S, housing my iPhone 6 to listen to music and track my exercise activity. Although I must admit it won’t ready my pulse. Will I hold my wrist up to my mouth to talk? Will I use the watch to check the time instead of my phone? Do I really want to monitor my health so intently every hour of the day? I have no honest idea.

What I’m waiting for, someone to wear the watch for a few months, testing and trying all of it’s features, and then determining if that watch sits on a dresser or is continued to be used.

So what’s the appeal? If you have an Apple Watch, YOU can be the cool girl/guy. Hip, trendy, techy, smart, and fashionable. My first thought about the Apple Watch is people will use it to promote their status to others. And that’s what watches are really for aren’t they? Rolex, Ball Watch Co., Brement, any premiere watch maker considers the quality of their watch to keep time mechanically/digitally and showcase the aesthetic of their watch while promoting a sort of “I have more money and style than you” status for the buyer/wearer. With this pretty basic info I think the Apple Watch’s biggest appeal will be for those who “have 10K to throw in for a watch and are fashion conscious.”

In my summation, the Apple Watch is primarily a fashion accessory. Good job Apple.

Other News

 The Apple TV has been rightfully reduced from $99 to $69 and will offer an exclusive HBO Now streaming subscription service for Apple devices for $14.99 at it’s launch. 

ReasearhKit for iPhone was unveiled. This will allow medical researchers to create applications to aid in studying and curing diseases.

The Macbook Air has integrated Thunderbolt 2 technology.

Both the Macbook Air and Retina Macbook Pros will have new “Broadwell” processors from Intel.

That's all the ranting I have left this week. Thanks for reading!

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