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CalDigit's New Thunderbolt Station 2 (TS2)

Posted by Neil Carlson on

TS2: For the Film, Photography, Audio, and Gaming professionals and consumers

 Successor to CalDigit’s first Thunderbolt Station, the Thunderbolt Station 2 (TS2) has just been released to retailers, and we have it here at Machollywood.

 Here’s a quick look at the TS2 Specifications:

  • Audio In/Out
  • 3 – USB 3.0 Ports
  • 2 – Thunderbolt Ports
  • 2 – eSata Ports
  • LAN Ethernet Port
  • 4K HDMI Port

 Connecting to your computer through a variety of connections, the most useful of course being a Thunderbolt connection, the TS2 is the most versatile hub available on the market. If you’re a professional using a Macbook Pro, or Mac Pro for your work, you need this device.

 The combination of connections you can utilize with the TS2 is seemingly limitless. You can connect your camera, your mouse, a keyboard, headphones, a microphone, two 4K displays, external hard drives, an external superdrive, iPhone, iPad, you get the point.

CalDigit has designed software (Thunderbolt Station Utility) to link with the TS2. This application allows you to easily eject any single peripheral connected to the TS2 all within one menu positioned on the top toolbar. No dragging and dropping or right clicking on each peripheral within the finder or on the desktop. The Thunderbolt Station Utility can be downloaded for free online.

 If you are using multiple peripherals, the TS2 will absolutely help your workflow through it’s ease of use, organization, and it’s small, space efficient design.

 The TS2 retails for $199.

 Buy it at Machollywood!

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