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New Releases from G-Technology

Posted by Neil Carlson on

New Drives From G-Technology

The studio standard for hard drive technology just got better. Announced at the BVE Expo, a new G-RAID system has been released with just a USB 3.0 port. No Firewire 800/400 or Thunderbolt connections.

This is good news for USB fans! Compared to the triple interface G-RAID with Firewire 800/400 and USB 3.0/2.0, this new G-RAID USB 3.0 version is much more cost effective for those who solely use USB.

The USB 3.0 only G-RAID sells for $100 less in the 8TB model @ $599.95 compared to $699.95, and $400 less in the 12TB model @799.95 compared to $1,199.95. G-Technology has also created a 16TB USB 3.0 G-RAID @ $1,199.95.

G-Technology also changed their G-RAID Thunderbolt by integrating Thunderbolt 2 technology along with USB 3.0 ports for high-speed data transfers. The G-RAID Thunderbolt is available in 8TB @ $799.95, 12TB @ 999.95, and 16TB @ $1,299.95. 

The triple interface G-RAID with optional Firewire 800/400 and USB 3.0/2.0 is still available for purchase from G-Technology for those who still use Firewire to connect to their older systems.

Another exciting release from G-Technology is their new line of “Rugged” drives, which is similar to the Rugged Line external drives from Lacie. 

The G-Drive ev RAW is the base model Rugged drive of the new series. This 2.5” external drive enclosure is guarded by a removable blue bumper that provides shock resistance up to 1.5M drops. A USB 3.0/2.0 port is the only connection but with a 7200-RPM drive you’ll still receive high transfer speeds. Stylish and practical, this G-Tech drive is a competitive option to the Lacie Rugged Mini.

G-Technology not only made a drive to compete with the Lacie Rugged, they’ve also built a more durable drive series called the G-Drive ATC (All Terrain Case). Instead of a removable bumper, G-Technology manufactured an entire case that protects the drive enclosure. The case can withstand drops up to 2.0m, and features a watertight drive compartment, that further protects your data from pressure, shock, and dust. The drive can even float in the water. The ATC comes in 2 varieties, a USB 3.0 only version and another that integrates a tethered Thunderbolt cable along with USB 3.0 connection.

Here at Machollywood, we will be ordering these new drives from G-Technology. If you’re interested in a G-Technology drive or have any other questions give us a call!

Coming soon on March 9-11th G-Technology will be hosting a partner summit which we will be attending. We’re hoping to get some more exciting news for drive updates and releases, which we’ll relay back to you!

Thanks for reading!

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