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Protect your Data with Disk Warrior V.5

Posted by Neil Carlson on

One of the best disk maintenance and recovery products for a Macintosh user has been Alsoft’s Disk Warrior, and within the last few months they released their newest version, Disk Warrior V.5. This allows easy updates for future Disk Warrior utilities.

What's New!? 

  • 64-Bit technology 

  • Twice as fast as previous DiskWarrior versions

  • Bootable Flash Drive

  • Updates Flash Drive to newest OS

  • Supports older PowerPC and Intel Macs that can no longer run the latest OS X.

  • Recovers more data 

  • Detects and repairs more disk problems 

  • New Directory Optimization Index

    If you’re unfamiliar with Disk Warrior, it’s essentially a recovery software you've always wanted to have pre-installed on your Macintosh. Disk Warrior is a defensive software that allows you to recover data and even repair many common issues on your Mac all by yourself.

    These issues include: the forever spinning color wheel, the Mac death (computer not starting properly), your hard disk jot appearing, problems with MP3 or .MOV files not playing, and the consistently annoying Mac crashing requiring hard restarts. 

    DiskWarrior operates by reading the damaged directory of your hard drive and finding all salvageable files. With that data DiskWarrior builds a new error-free directory for you, still in the same Macintosh format you have been accustomed to, but without any of the faults you had before. 

     A new feature with DiskWarrior V.5 allows you to see how your disk will appear after it’s repaired and before any changes are made. You can even compare the damaged state of the disk with its repaired state.

    Not only is DiskWarrior a reactive restoring software, it is also a proactive application that automatically monitors the working health of your drive and alerts you to impending drive malfunctions.

    DiskWarrior can be used to copy your old, damaged, and recoverable drive files onto a new drive. It can also diagnose common file problems including file paths, permisisons, and invalid plists.

    Here at Machollywood we have DiskWarrior V.5 in stock at Alsofts retail price of $120.



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